Verges and ramps

Elegant and safe surface finish

In order for the substrate to be made of 100% rubber or Flexizone rubber cobblestone to meet the safety requirements, it must be finished with specially prepared accessories – flexible ramps and verges.

In Flexizone’s offer there are verges and ramps made from SBR granules that are available in four basic colors: red, green, black and grey. Upon special order we can produce EPDM granules in one of 24 colors from the RAL pallet and any size.

Required finish of safe areas

Both the verges and the Flexizone ramps are made in accordance with EN 1177, which refers to playgrounds and provides a guarantee of safety for users. The accessories prevent slipping of elastic panels or rubber cobblestone. The advantages of Flexizone finishing accessories are:

  • chamfered upper edges, eliminating the possibility of chipping of the verge;
  • possibility of adjusting the thickness of the verge or height of the ramp to design requirements;
  • flexibility that reduces the possibility of injury in the event of a fall or hit;
  • Non-fading colours under the influence of UV rays and other atmospheric factors.

Universal colours that fit into any landscape.

Where safety matters

SBR granule finishing accessories in the form of flexible curbs and ramps are an indispensable element in playgrounds, multi-purpose pitches, park alleys and the so-called health paths, courtyards and patios, and other public or private facilities of higher safety standards.

Plac zabaw


Necessary finishing of the playground area – for maximum protection of the youngest and facilitating movement of baby carriages.



Ramps and flexible curbs ensure smooth mobility, also to those in wheelchairs, and they reduce the risk of injuries.



Clear marking of boundaries of zones with higher safety standards. Enabling the disabled and people in wheelchairs to participate.



Securing the integrity of the safety zone elements. Access for people with disabilities.

Verges and ramps - available dimensions

Flexizone verges are offered in two basic sizes and thicknesses, ramps – in four. Detailed specifications for Flexizone accessories are provided in the tables below.

Verges Ramps
Thickness [cm] 4,5 5,0 4,5 6,0 4,5 6,0
Height [cm] 24 24 30 30 30 30


Other thicknesses and EPDM colours are custom made

obrzeża i krawężniki
obrzeża i podjazdy

Are curbs and ramps as durable as panels?

Both products are made of the same material as the panels, so their durability, safety and colour durability are at the same level.

Can the curbs be bent to create a circle?

Yes. The curbs are flexible enough so that they can be bent in any direction by forming round areas intended for e.g. playgrounds.

How to take care of the material of this kind?

Ramps can be rinsed with water under pressure. Due to technological conditions – the surface dries very quickly and water does not stay on the surface.

We offer year-round rubber-absorbent substrates that provide safety.

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