EPDM panels

Optimal combination of safety, durability and exceptional colours

EPDM Flexizone panels have a double-layered structure. Their core is made of SBR granules, thus they keep all the properties of this material. They have a flammability certificate class Cf1-s1. The top layer is highly elastic, mass dyed synthetic EPDM rubber with increased resistance to the so-called thermal ageing. The EPDM material is resistant to UV, ozone and extreme atmospheric conditions, retains its properties and aesthetic appearance for even a dozen years or more.

The EPDM Flexizone is perfect for areas where the substrate has to maintain stringent safety standards but at the same time must be characterized by superior durability and high aesthetic qualities. It is particularly recommended for locations exposed to long-term exposure to sunlight, high temperatures, and intensive use.

Flexible substrate with increased resistance to special requirements

EPDM Flexizone panels have all the advantages of SBR Flexizone panels – including elastic and non-slip surface that absorbs falls and reduces the risk of abrasion and injuries associated with them – and moreover:

  • Available in a wide range of 24 colors from the RAL pallet;
  • Mass-dyeing technology guarantees high colour abrasion resistance, which is particularly important for heavily-used places;
  • UV and ozone resistance prevents colour fading;
  • Enhanced EPDM coating resistance to the so-called thermal ageing caused by extreme temperatures prolongs the service life of the substrate up to a dozen years of more without the loss of flexibility and aesthetic qualities.

24 durable colours - the power of multi-coloured compositions

Safe and colourful, rubber modular substrate - in all conditions and for many seasons

The exceptional durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, such as frost and strong sunlight, make EPDM Flexizone ideal for open spaces and areas with particularly high frequencies of attendance. They do not require dismantling in the winter, retain colour and chemical stability for several dozen seasons of more.

Plac zabaw


EPDM Flexizone safety and quality is confirmed by certificates. The anti-slip and shock-absorbing substrate with vivid colours ensure a safe and enjoyable fun in any weather.

basketball-court (1)


Shock absorption properties and the anti-slip surface minimize the risk of injuries. High sound absorption reduces noise.



The linear drainage system prevents accumulation of water and the formation of puddles, which promotes fast drying of the substrate and prevents damage to the material.



The wide range of colours and functionalities of EPDM Flexizone panels offer a wide range of design possibilities, and are therefore widely used on terraces, balconies and patios, especially in commercial buildings such as hotels or summer dining gardens.

Smooth assembly on larger surfaces

EPDM Flexizone panels are manufactured in two standard sizes, which favour and facilitate installation on large surfaces. They are available in 8 thickness variants, which should always be matched to the required HIC value (Critical Fall Value).

They can be laid as a standard – in an adjacent system or alternately. 16 carbon pin pockets ensure tight panel joining and eliminate edge curling.

It is very important to properly prepare the substrate under the panel. It should be even and stable. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with a specially prepared instructional video here.

  • 500mmx500mm
  • 610mmx610mm


Grubość płyty
Współczynnik bezpiecznego upadku HIC
[m2 na palecie]
25 1,0 40
30 1,2 35
40 1,3 30
45 1,5 28
50 1,6 25
60 1,8 21
75 2,0 17
90 2,2 15
płyty EPDM

How to mount EPDM panels?

EPDM panels are very easy to assemble. They can be joined traditionally or alternately. Both ways guarantee stability and durability.

Can EPDM Flexizone panels of different thicknesses be joined?

If required, e.g. manufacturer of playground equipment requires a substrate with different HIC (Critical Fall Height) parameters, EPDM Flexizone panels of different thicknesses can be joined. Custom panels are made so that the pins are at the same level.

Are EPDM Flexizone panels stable?

The EPDM Flexizone substrate stability is provided by four pins attached to each panel edge, resulting in stiffening of joints and protection against formation of crevices. In addition, the underside of our panels has a chocolate-like structure, which increases the weight of the panel and provides better adhesion to the substrate.

Are puddles formed on EPDM Flexizone panels?

Thanks to the water permeability of the material and special linear drainage, water has a free in the direction of the slope of the substructure and does not stay on the surface of the panel.

Are EPDM Flexizone panels safe to use?

Apart from the elastic and anti-slip surface that reduces the risk of injuries, the SBR peripheral panels have sloping edges that facilitate smooth transition between different surfaces and prevent slipping.

Can complementary elements from the same material be assembled together with SBR Flexizone panels?

Together with the EPDM Flexizone panels we also offer accessories for floor finishes, such as elastic verges that act as a curb and ramps that can be joined to other surfaces. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Flexizone finishing accessories.

What safety certificates should EPDM panels have?

Basic certificates that products of this type should have are the HIC certificate of safe fall as well as the PZH certificate. The law also requires meeting EU standard PN-EN 1177.

How to prepare the substrate for assembly of EPDM Flexizone panels?

The panels can be stacked on stone, concrete or asphalt substrates. If we do not have a prepared substrate, first dig the area where the surface will be laid, then place the verges, and put the appropriate amount of stone or pour concrete. Only when panels can be laid on the prepared substrate. Detailed instructions are provided via e-mail.

Can EPDM Flexizone panels be assembled on one’s own?

SBR Flexizone assembly is simple enough that you can do it yourself. It is facilitated by evenly positioned pins and straight edges of the panels.

How long does EPDM Flexizone panel assembly take?

With a standard playground there is an average of 8-12 meters per hour with two or three workers. The time may be extended if it is necessary to cut individual panels.

How to take care of EPDM Flexizone panels?

The panels should be washed twice a year. It is best to use a pressure washer with a rotary tip for cleaning substrates. If you do not have such a tip, you can use a standard washer, but keep the appropriate distance. A high pressure from a close range can damage the panel.

What to use to cut EPDM Flexizone panels?

The panels can be cut with a paper clip (several times), a jigsaw (with a metal knife), a saber saw (with a metal knife), or a saw blade. Do not use high-speed devices, such as angle grinders, for cutting because they cause the rubber to melt.

Can SBR Flexizone panels be joined with EPDM?

It is possible to join SBR panels with EPDM. This is often the case when you want to use the colours of two colour pallets. Economic SBR panels are frequently joined with colourful EPDM panels because of their attractive price.

Do you need durable, elastic and anti-slippery surface, which comply with the safety requirements?

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