We provide flexible and durable substrate for a wide range of applications.

We produce safe pavements, made of SBR or EPDM granulate. They are used in playgrounds, gyms and in public and private gardens. They effectively perform the anti-skid function and drain water well, making it perfect for garden paths, by the swimming pools and on terraces.

Here you can find a wide range of safe pavements.

We produce flexible pavements made of SBR or EPDM granulate. High weather resistance and mechanical strength guarantee a safe foundation for years to come.

The playground has never been so safe


of Flexizone plates are enough to create a safe urban playground


of plates are needed to develop a 100m2 playground area


of playgrounds were effectively secured thanks to our pavement

Technology that guaranteed resistance

płyty EPDM na placu zabaw

We use top quality rubber granules an durable polyurethane binders to produce the surface, providing mechanical strength, efficient water drainage, UV resistance and beautiful colours for many years. We advise optimum solutions to the place of application and advise how to properly prepare the substructure so that the assembly is simple and durable.

High mechanical strength

Due to the use of high quality polyurethane adhesive, the top layer of the board is very durable, and this eliminates problems in use and ensures a high level of product aesthetics for years.

The plates are joined together by plastic pins, which guarantees a durable connection and eliminates the possibility of deformation of the plate after years.

Slip resistance

The top layer of the plates is rough and made of rubber. Thanks to this the surface is slip-resistant.

Frost resistance

The binders used for the production of plates provide the frost resistance of the product. The surface does not have to be dismantled for winter.

Water permeability

Surface roughness ensures water permeability. On the other hand, linear outlets on the underside of the plates ensure the proper water drainage towards the decline of the substructure.

High resistance to atmospheric conditions

The materials used for production of our boards and the technology provide high resistance to all atmospheric conditions – such as wind, rain, snow, hail and low temperatures.


Flexizone pavements are designed to cushion the impact or fall impact. For this reason, the thickness of the plate should be adjusted according to the way of its usage. In the case of playgrounds, the thickness of the plate should be selected to the height of the equipment using the HIC parameter (Critical Fall Height), which is given by the manufacturer of each structure.

We limit the risk of injuries and contusions – here you will find the top-class flexible surface.

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