Safety and comfort of use

All our products have certificates that confirm their safety.

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What do the certificates mean?

SBR and EPDM panels, as well as any accessories made of the same material, must be made in accordance with EU standards and provide protection against injuries or allergies. Certificates and attestations confirm:

  • mechanical and thermal resistance,
  • anti-slip properties,
  • meeting hygienic conditions,
  • Shock absorption of falls,
  • meeting the conditions of child safety in playgrounds,
  • meeting the height requirements for falls to appropriately amortize them by the substrate.

Safety and comfort of use


HIC 1.0 ÷ 2.2m certificate

Confirms safety of use.


PZH certificate

Confirms compliance with hygienic requirements.


PN-EN 1177 EU standard

Confirms safety of use.

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Does the PZH certificate confirm that a playground is hygienically safe?

The certificate and attestation of the National Institute of Hygiene is awarded to products that meet the requirements for protecting human health and the environment against the harmful effects of substances contained in a given product. Obtaining the certificate is obligatory and confirms hygienic safety.

How is the playground surface checked?

Substrate parameters are checked using specialized equipment. This control must take place on a regular basis.

What is the HIC certificate?

The Head Injury Criterion (HIC) certificate indicates the critical fall height and determines when a fall will not cause an injury.

Are all SBR and EPDM granules covered by this certificate?

Yes, all products included in the Flexizone offer are covered by the above-mentioned certificates and meet the required standards.

When is the playground 100% safe?

Playgrounds are safe when you have regular inspections, in addition to having all the certificates for both surfaces and equipment. It is also a good idea to make sure that the owner of the playground has implemented the Playground Control System, and all devices have a Declaration of Conformity.

Ensure safety for years.

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